Jan 13, 2017


A great dragon pattern party by Sharon Ojala. Both a written and video pattern. The pattern is free on AmigurumiToGo.com

Poodle toy dog

This poodle is a great gift as a toy. The crochet pattern is free on Lucy Kate's crochet blog. The size is about 20-30 cm (I estimate).

Dolls: Floripondia la Monigota by Gala Rebes

Lovely dolls from Galamigurumis. This pattern is in Spanish. I'd prefer the eyes slightly different. The flower is wonderful.

Check out the blog of Galamigurumis. It has so many beautiful designs. The blog is in Spanish.


I had to look it up: "A Niffler is a creature with a long snout and a coat of black, fluffy fur." (Wikipedia). It's from the Harry Potter movies. I believe there was one hiding in the suitcase in the new movie.

It's cute and a free crochet pattern on the "Thoughts from a Doe" blog.


 Little tiny sheep in blankets. This is a free pattern on Attic 24.

Three Little Piggies by Sharon Ojala

These 3 little cuties are designed by the talented Sharon Ojala. They are 13 cm tall.

Dice for Deocration or Toys

Something different: dice. They're quite large for dice: about 10 cm. They can decorate your car. The pattern is free on this blog.

Tiny Bear from Zan Crochet

It's a tiny bear: 13.5 cm tall. The pattern is available in English and Dutch. Visit Zan Crochet for the free pattern.